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Canadian Parrot Symposium



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About the Canadian Parrot Symposium

The Canadian Parrot Symposium (CPS) is an international convention for those interested in keeping or breeding parrots. Experienced or novice, pet owner, breeder, or just fascinated by parrots, there is something for you. Held in Toronto, Canada, in November of each year, topics covered by our speakers include husbandry, nutrition, health, behavior, conservation, and more. Delegates have an opportunity to have their questions answered during session or even one-on-one.

Recognition must be given to Silvio Mattacchione for planting the idea for the first parrot conference and Jacquie Blackburn for running with it. Mattacchione approached Blackburn, then the secretary of the Durham Avicultural Society (DAS), offering to arrange for Tony Silva to come to Toronto as a speaker in the spring of 1990. Blackburn, enthusiastic about the idea, and with support from fellow club members, put together a memorable one-day program. What was conceived as a one-time venture was repeated the following year, expanded to two full days. The DAS, fearing the financial risk, opted out after the second symposium. Mattacchione and Blackburn, with enthusiasm unwavering, decided to carry on alone.

The philosophy adopted for the first symposium is still followed and parroted by other avicultural organizations worldwide. By bringing international speakers to a professionally organized weekend at a topnotch facility, and with none of the politics that so often prevail at such conferences, the CPS is recognized as a very important date on the avicultural calendar.

Incorporated in 1992, the CPS continues to fulfill the role envisaged by its founders: Provide a forum for the exchange of information; publish educational material, and donate all surplus revenue to avian causes.

Someone once said, "Success has many parents," and that is certainly true in this case. All of us—organizers, speakers, vendors, and delegates—can be proud of the success of these symposiums and the ensuing support to avicultural causes.

Click here for information on the upcoming Annual Canadian Parrot Symposium to be held this November in Toronto.


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