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Papers & Articles 2000

Papers Presented

Macaws and Cockatoos

by Rosemary Low

Parrots in European Collections

by Rosemary Low

Avicultural Economics

by Steve Hartman

Successfully Breeding Amazons in Canada

by Brian Eddy

Loro Parque and Its Foundation: A breeding centre for parrots and its contribution to species conservation

by Wolfgang Kiessling

Creating a Happy and Problem-Free Avian Companion

by Chris Davis

Common Pitfalls Encountered When Modifying Avian Behavior

by Chris Davis

Cockatiel Husbandry: Breeding Programs for Y2K

by Linda S. Rubin

The Evergreen Acres Bird Ranch and Sanctuary

by Beth Morehouse



by Maxie


Rosemary Low (UK)

One of the world's best-known aviculturists, Ms. Lowe has traveled extensively to observe parrots in the wild and has worked with some of the world's largest collections. She is an authority on all aspects of parrot care and breeding, the author of numerous books and articles, and an international lecturer of renown. She is currently the editor of Psittascene, the publication of the World Parrot Trust.

Wolfgang Kiessling (Canary Islands)

Mr. Kiessling founded Loro Parque in 1972 with the main objective of conserving and reproducing parrots within a beautiful natural setting designed just for them. Housing over 3,000 birds of 300 species, Loro Parque has one of the largest collections in the world. At four-year intervals, Mr. Kiessling and Loro Parque host the International Parrot Convention, attended by delegates from around the world. The 5th of these conferences will be held in September 2002.

Dr. Michael Taylor (Canada)

Dr. Taylor has earned an international reputation in avian medicine. After years of clinical practice, he joined the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the University of Guelph, where an ongoing research project studying Proventricular Dilation Disease (PDD) has resulted in exciting findings. Dr. Taylor has lectured extensively throughout North America and abroad.

Chris Davis (USA)

Ms. Davis pioneered the field of parrot behaviour consulting in 1974 while working at Universal Studios. When it comes to parrot psychology, few would argue that the "Bird Lady" is one of America's leading experts. Her columns and videos explain the seemingly unexplainable behaviour of our parrots and suggest reasonable plans of action to reduce problems.

Beth Morehouse (Canada)

Ms. Morehouse demonstrated her concern for the welfare of parrots when she worked tirelessly to establish Evergreen Acres Bird Ranch as a haven for parrots who needed new homes. Her sanctuary provides these birds the opportunity to live out their lives in a caring atmosphere.

Steve Hartman (USA)

Mr. Hartman obtained a B.S. degree from the College of Agriculture at Ohio State University in 1977. He became involved in psittacine aviculture in 1987 and now profitable produces baby parrots for the wholesale pet industry. His fields of interest include medical and husbandry research and legitimizing the pet bird industry.

Brian Eddy (Canada)

Mr. Eddy, founding president of the Parrot Association of Canada, was a champion cockatiel breeder before becoming interested in Amazons. He has traveled extensively to observe parrots—in the wild, private collections, and bird parks—to better understand these complex creatures. He continues to contribute in-depth articles to a number of international publications.

Linda Rubin (USA)

Ms. Rubin established Tangowood Aviary in 1975, producing exhibition quality cockatiels and other parrots. Her columns and articles have appeared in Bird Times, Bird Talk, Australian Birdkeeper, Cage & Aviary Birds, and others. A Panel Judge for the North American Parrot Society and the National Cockatiel Society, Ms. Rubin is a popular speaker on all aspects of cockatiel husbandry.

Janna Price (Canada)

Working in the retail pet trade for many years, Ms. Price has worked diligently to provide appropriate training in the feeding, care, and socialization of exotic birds for those staff members responsible for their care. Efforts to improve the relationship between retail outlets, breeders, and companion bird owners is foremost on her personal agenda.


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