Canadian Parrot Symposium

Canadian Parrot Symposium



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Canadian Organizations and Events

American Singer Canary Club of Canada—ON

Association Quebecoise des Amateurs de Perroquets—QC

Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada

B.C. Exotic Bird Society—BC

Budgerigar & Foreign Bird Society of Canada—ON

Calgary Parrot Club—AB

Canadian Breeders of Pet and Exotic Birds

Canadian Parrot Symposium—East

Canadian Parrot Symposium—West

Canadian World Parrot Trust

Durham Avicultural Society of Ontario—ON

Hamilton and District Budgerigar and Cage Bird Society—ON

Manitoba Canary & Finch Club—MB

Ottawa Parrot Club—ON

Parrot Association of Canada

Parrot Club of Manitoba—MB

Toronto Parrot Club—ON

Vancouver Island Cage Bird Society—BC

Western Canada Budgerigar Association—BC

From Our Speakers…

African Parrot Society

Amazona Society

American Federation of Aviculture

Australian Birdkeeper

Bird Breeder Online

Bird Talk

Bird Times

Cage & Aviary Birds

Evergreen Acres Bird Ranch

The Gabriel Foundation

Hagen Avicultural Research Institute

International Parrot Convention

Loro Parque

National Cockatiel Society

Ohio State University College of Agriculture

The Original Flying Machine

Parrot Association of Canada

Parrots Magazine

Parrot Society of Australia

The Pet Bird Report

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council

Pionus Parrot Research Foundation

Toronto Zoo

University of Guelph Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Vista de Pájaro

World Parrot Trust

Products and Services

Beyond Batik

Bird Placement Program - Parrot Refuge

The Bird Brain

The Bird HotLine

Exotic Wings & Pet Things

Feather Fantasy

Feathers and Friends

Parrot Science

Silvio Mattacchione & Co.

White Mountain Bird Farm

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