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Scheduled Speakers

We are pleased to announce that we have scheduled the following speakers to present at the 13th Annual Canadian Parrot Symposium:

Sam Foster (USA)

Sam Foster is an avian consultant living in Florida. Her personal collection is primarily cockatoos (Gofffin, Major Mitchell, Galahs, Umbrella, Long-Billed Corella) but includes other species. A popular speaker at many conferences, her impassioned concern for the welfare of cockatoos has contributed significantly to the understanding of this popular companion bird. Her on-going research project is intended to be a long-term examination of the numerous factors which influence the overall physical and emotional well-being of cockatoos in captivity ... breeding pairs and companion parrots. Spin-offs will appear in articles and Sam's upcoming book "Living in Harmony With Companion Cockatoos".

Peter Them (Denmark)

Peter Them has devoted more than 40 years to birding and aviculture and has had many first-hand experiences observing them in their natural setting. He has conducted Parrot Watching Expeditions to Australia, Papua New Guinea, Far East, Africa and South America with a mission on these trips is to explore the unique birdlife of the host country, discovering what the parrots do and why they do it. In this way he has gained an insight into the everyday life of the parrots, their selection of food, mates, nesting sites and how they survive under harsh conditions. Peter is the founder of the global PARROT DATA with an aim to collect and report data and news about Parrots in the wild and in aviculture. He believes that only through the sharing of ideas is global unification for the welfare of all parrots possible. Peter is well known for his numerous articles on parrots, his books, his work on TV and Radio and for his papers presented to various ornithological and avicultural societies.

Sandee Molenda (USA)

Sandee Molenda started breeding birds back in the early 1980's. She breeds parrotlets exclusively and runs a full-time commercial breeding aviary. Sandee has written numerous magazine articles both in print and on the Internet and is the author of three books on parrotlets. Her website for The Parrotlet Ranch has won awards for its content and presentation. Sandee is involved in many other aspects of aviculture and is co-founder and secretary of the International Parrotlet Society, the largest and oldest parrotlet organization in the world. She also is the Specialty Organization Vice-President for the American Federation of Aviculture and co-chair of the American Zoo Association/Private Organization Breeding Cooperative. In addition, Sandee is very involved in the exhibition of birds and has been nominated to the Board of the national Cage Bird Show and is currently working to have a separate Parrotlet Division at both the National and the Great American Bird Show.

Stefanja Dumanowski (CAN)

Stefanja Dumanowski (CAN) began an intense adventure thirteen years ago when a redsided eclectus, Roza, came into her life. In time a mate, Zebedee was added, both remaining beloved companion birds while courting, laying, incubating and raising their young in a busy home environment. The flock increased over the years as did the thirst for knowledge about them. Stefanja continues to be a curious, patiently observant and passionately motivated student of the eclectus parrot. She believes breeders of companion parrots should remain available as a vital source of expertise and support for owners beyond the sale. Stefanja is a visual artist and fulltime instructor at the Alberta College of Art & Design. She is currently researching and collecting information and visual references for art works that have been made in celebration of both the beauty and the mystery of parrots.

Joanna Burger (USA)

Joanna Burger is one of the best known ornithologists in the world. She is a Distinguished Professor of Biology at Rutgers University and has written fourteen books on avian behavior and natural history and more than three hundred articles on birds in professional journals. She serves on several national and international science and policy committees, including the National Academy of Sciences' Board on Biology. Joanna lives in New Jersey with her husband Michael Gochfeld, and TIKO a nearly fifty year old Red-Lored Amazon parrot. Her work has taken her to many part of the world and given her an opportunity to observe parrots and other wild life in their natural surroundings. Her book 'The Parrot Who Owns Me' chronicles her life with Tiko and is interspersed with other interesting experiences.

Susan Wheeler/Hindmarsh Aviaries (CAN)

Susan Wheeler/Hindmarsh Aviaries (CAN) holds an honours degree in social work (BSW) and has worked as a private consultant/counsellor for the past sixteen years specializing in the area of "disability". Susan is an international educator and speaker and has received Women On The Move and the Women of Distinction awards.
Her Amazon parrot, LuLu, contributes a column to one of the magazines of which Susan is publisher and editor. As a close friend of Lynne Hindmarsh for more than 20 years Susan has been able to observe and record Lynne's successes breeding a number of exotic parrots. As an observer, Susan will offer a profile of the Hindmarsh Aviary.

Chris Davis (USA)

Chris Davis (USA) has never underestimated the intellingence of the parrots that have fascinated her since entering the field of parrot behaviour while working for Universal Studios in 1974. When it comes to parrot psychology, without a doubt the "Bird Lady" is one of America's leading experts. In her columns and on her videos Chris explains the seemingly unexplainable behaviour of our parrots, and suggests reasonable plans of action to reduce the problems caused by them. Her sincere concern for the welfare of companion parrots is very apparent to her audiences.

Lisa Mitchell (CAN)

Lisa Mitchell (CAN) has a number of years experience in business and can be described as an avian retail specialist. From 4 - 6 weeks, when they first arrive, through hand feeding, abundance weaning and socializing has given Lisa an opportunity to observe the different personalities of the various species of parrots under her care. These observations will be shared with us She also works with selected older parrots needing a little behaviour modification before being ready for a new home.

Dr. Michael Taylor (CAN)

Dr. Michael Taylor (CAN) has earned an international reputation in avian medicine. Before joining the staff of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the University of Guelph, he was in clinical practice for a number of years. He has lectured extensively throughout North America and abroad. An ongoing research project studying Proventicular Dilation Diseases (PDD) has garnered him the respect of the entire avicultural community.

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