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Never Say Die: The Clausing Story
by Silvio Mattacchione

I think it safe to say that most fanciers worldwide have heard of David Clausing and his one loft and futurity racing exploits, however the vast majority are unaware of the tragic accident that changed the direction of his life forever. "Motocross" racing was in his blood, but clearly it was never meant to be, and events, call it fate, took him down a very different road, and a very, very different form of racing. Without this knowledge and insight into "Clausing the man" it is impossible to truly appreciate his unique creation "Clausing the racing pigeon"! (This article is in PDF.)

Manuel Rodriguez GALLO LOFT
by Silvio Mattacchione

As I began my research [on the Gallo Loft] it was apparent that there were a lot of fanciers in Canada taking note of the Gallo Results and many were speaking of a pair called the "Chocolate Bar Pair." Since my longtime friend Ed Minnvielle operated the largest pigeon supply business in the USA, I called him to make inquiries regarding Gallo Lofts and this "Golden Couple," especially the cock called "Classic Boy." It turns out that I could not have called a more knowledgeable person on this matter given that Ed had bred the mother to "Classic Boy" (and owned the Father called "Perseus" as well!) and Ed had nothing but the very highest respect for Manny and his abilities as both a breeder and racer of exceptional racing pigeons. (This article is in PDF.)

Master Breeder Ed Minvielle: Made in the USA
by Silvio Mattacchione

Over the past two years I have spent a great deal of time writing about European Champions and virtually no time at all writing about our own "Home Grown" talent. It is my intention over the next little while to attempt to rectify this lob-sided situation. Most people in virtually every walk of life have an unfortunate habit of ignoring the quality in their own jurisdiction and always looking elsewhere. It is true and we are all guilty of this, so much so that there is an old adage "the grass is always greener on the other side" that addresses this situation specifically. Well I am here to tell you that that is not always the case and we would do well to seriously research our own back yards before looking enviously offshore. (This article is in PDF.)

Georgi Danevski "Master Painter" and Lover of Pigeons
by Silvio Mattacchione

The pigeon and love of the dove seems to bring with it understanding hope, peace and tolerance and this fascination tends to last as the "Michelangelo" of our time. A man of gargantuan artistic talent, great kindness coupled with enormous humility and great courage, a man of unparalleled determination who I am convinced , (with every brush stroke he makes) is in fact inspired and guided by "The Holy Spirit." As a community of pigeon enthusiasts we should all revel in his "God–given gifts" I know that I am and I am also humbled by his artistic and philosophical expression. I am now pleased to be able to call him my friend, actually much more, my brother, a fellow pilgrim, a pigeon lover and his name is Georgi Danevski! (This article is in PDF.)

Kemo Basic an Alternative View: Inbreeding Depression and How to Avoid It
by Silvio Mattacchione

It is very difficult to believe that I have now owned racing pigeons for a total of 49 years. Forty nine years! Where has all the time gone for I can still remember my youth as a young Italian immigrant to Canada. (This article is in PDF.)

Pigeon Racing in Moscow
by Thomas Gyselbrecht & Silvio Mattacchione

Rarely do we think of Russia and racing pigeons in the same breath yet I recently planned a trip to Moscow, with the intention of learning more about the Russian pigeon sport. To say that it was very different (in some ways) from my trips to Asia would be an understatement. This trip provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn a great deal. It is curious to see how our sport and its participants adapt to different climates, different surroundings and different systems. I hope that you will find my introduction to the Russian sport and some of its important personalities interesting. When we think of Russia it is safe to say that we are more likely to think of its exceptional vodka, caviar and very cold winters than we are to imagine anyone racing pigeons. During my trip I experienced the bitter cold first hand, to the tune of -25°C. These frigid temperatures gave me a great appreciation for warm, thick winter coats and good vodka. Not sure whether my trip would have been as successful without these two indispensable aids. (This article is in PDF.)

The Making of a Legend
by Silvio Mattacchione

Tony Robbins talks about constant and never-ending improvement, and I believe that's a very valid concept that has kept certain key players at the very top and continues to do so. If you are not improving then you are inevitably falling behind. In fact a great number of highly successful super fanciers in our racing pigeon sport believe this implicitly and rarely do they allow anything to stand in the way of their continued success, especially not money. (This article is in PDF.)

Freddy Vandenheede
by Silvio Mattacchione

Good Pigeons Make Master Breeders: A great deal of information has appeared in the pigeon press regarding the Vandenheede clan and I do mean clan for their father, grandfather, brothers, and brothers-in-law all keep, breed, and race pigeons. (This article is in PDF.)

APC Lofts
by Silvio Mattacchione

A number of years ago one of the most successful racing pigeon breeding operations in the entire USA was owned and operated by one Campbell Strange. The name of the farm, known worldwide, was “Oak Haven Farms.” Campbell was well known to key European players. When Mr. Strange retired the facility was purchased by Canadian Chris Peeman and it continued for a number of years. At the time that “Oak Haven Farms “ was operated by Mr. Strange it was and remained at the very top and their final dispersal set an American record. But all things eventually come to an end and so it was that the dominance of “Oak Haven Farms” also ended. (This article is in PDF.)

Big Andy: PIPA Agent for North America
by Silvio Mattacchione
The first home that my wife and I purchased was the old “Horton “residence on Rosebank Avenue in Pickering, Ontario. It was a ¾ acre site that Harold and Mary Horton had raced their pigeons from for probably 40 years. It was a great starter home for Yvonne and I and we loved the place. In time we built an addition to the home as well as a new second story loft over the garage and it was to this location that three of our four children were born. In fact my eldest daughter Deanna was born on the anniversary of the wedding of Harold and Mary Horton, that being January 27th and for years Mary remembered her birthday with a card. (This article is in PDF.)

Derby Arona: The Most Extreme One Loft Race in the World
by Silvio Mattacchione
A number of years ago, I believe it was 2003 I became aware of the performance of a racing pigeon “Bayo Casablanca” .It was really quite a story and I wrote a long and detailed article outlining the circumstances of that performance. For those interested the original article was entitled “Bayo Casablanca: World Record Over The Sea.” To say that I was fascinated would be an understatement. Prior to the "World Record "flight of "Bayo Casablanca" owned by Jose and Abel Ledesma of "Ledesma Loft," no bird had ever successfully flown this distance over the sea to be clocked at their home loft on the morning of the second day. It means that this incredible athlete flew at least 1000 kilometers over the ocean on the day of release! (This article is in PDF.)

“Good Pigeons Make Master Breeders” The Vandenheede Story
by Silvio Mattacchione
A synergy is where different entities cooperate advantageously for a final outcome. If used in a business application it means that teamwork will produce an overall better result than if each person were working toward the same goal individually. (This article is in PDF.)

"The Secret" of Marcel Sangers
by Silvio Mattacchione
Some 20 or so years ago I had occasion to communicate with an exceedingly inspiring American book publisher by the name of Richard Cohn. Richard was a perfectionist and operated a small specialty book publishing company out of Oregon. He and his wife Cindy worked at publishing exquisite limited edition books (several of which had become Presidential Gifts of State). Marvelous books in their design and production including 5 and 6 color printing, hand binding, award winning books that were collected around the world. Richard is an exceptional human being, soft spoken, always positive, always moving towards the goal of making a difference in the lives of people. In time Richard’s dedication, belief in himself, hard work and attention to detail paid off in a huge fashion. You see Richard Cohn is the publisher of the best selling book The Secret! (This article is in PDF.)

Mitochondrial DNA Explained
by Silvio Mattacchione
Without the female of the species all would cease to be! Access to the cradle is true power (and that is why all governments everywhere seek to usurp the role of the female (mother) by enticing all women into the workplace thus allowing their government bureaucrats access to the children) because “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” (This article is in PDF.)

Mitochondrial DNA Explained - Chinese Translation (PDF)

The Gyselbrecht Strain
by Silvio Mattacchione

I believe, it would be accurate to state, that the very best modern day “Barcelona Lofts” in the whole of Europe would be those of the Gyselbrecht family and that the most successful modern day Barcelona strain would in fact be the “Gyselbrecht Strain”. It was not always so but it was brought into being by the sheer force of will, a will that defines the Gyselbrecht clan! As a family they have come to understand that before anything can be manifested in life it must first be conceived of and visualized in the mind. (This article is in PDF.)

A dream come true: the PiPa Elite Center / Update list of DNA certified pigeons PEC
by Silvio Mattacchione

In North America, one of the “Elite” motivational speakers is one Mr. Anthony Robbins. He is hugely successful as a speaker that not only motivates, but inspires all those who are fortunate enough to hear his words. Mr. Robbins was once asked a seemingly simple question, that being “What is Ultimate power?” His response was brief, profound and indicative of why Mr. Robbins is in such high regard: “To me, ultimate power is the ability to produce the results you desire most and create value for others in the process.” - Anthony (Tony) Robbins (This article is in PDF.)

by Silvio Mattacchione

The Internet, for better or for worse, has changed the business of “News” forever. There was a time when the world was an enormous place, but this is now no longer the case. The world has somehow “shrunk” miraculously become a “global village.” Forty or so years ago certain advanced thinking American and Canadian fanciers ventured into Europe. They learned a great deal in Belgium and Holland about professional racing pigeons as well as many pigeon personalities. (This article is in PDF.)

Geert Munnik and “Johnny Boy” - 2009 Middle Distance Champion of All of Holland
by Silvio Mattacchione

I have spent 20 years creating an inbred family of all purpose Janssen racing pigeons. I have travelled to Europe many times and have always returned home totally delighted with the quality of my own family of racing pigeons. It turns out that the “grass is not always greener on the other side” of the fence and I have resisted the seductive power that this concept entails for twenty years. However several weeks ago I was asked by, two good friends, Gardi Gamboa and Martin Hechanova the following question (and they really did want an honest answer). They asked, “Silvio if you had to start all over again from scratch, where would you personally go to acquire stock”? (This article is in PDF.)


by Silvio Mattacchione

“PIPA” is a hugely successful commercial enterprise that began in Belgium in 1999 as a young boy's fascination with two very different pursuits: the first was the centuries old sport of racing pigeons and the second was the then emerging Internet technology. (This article is in PDF.)


by Silvio Mattacchione

It is interesting to note that human settlement in Trinidad began at least 7,000 years ago. The earliest settlers are believed to have settled Trinidad from northeastern South America around 5000 BC. Trinidad’s first contact with Europeans, led by Christopher Columbus and his men took place on July 31, 1498. It is believed by many, that Columbus, had promised to name the next land  that he discovered ,in honor of the Holy Trinity, and that he considered it a miracle, when the first land he sighted, was the three peaks of the Trinity Hills in Trinidad.

Good Samaritan
by Silvio Mattacchione
"No good deed goes unrewarded” is often spoken half in jest, but I believe it is in fact a truism. When an individual goes out of his way to do what is morally right and just, when he does so freely and unencumbered, when he expects nothing and wants nothing in return, the fates or the muses have a way of compensating that good deed in the most unexpected way, so unexpected that it can be life changing. So it was with the beginnings of that unique family of “American” racing pigeons now generally referred to as the “Silverado Family” or often mistakenly called the “Silverado Janssens”. (This article is in PDF and is quite large so please be patient while it loads.)

Let's Get Back on Track

by Silvio Mattacchione

Over the years the racing pigeon sport, in its focus and virtually in its entirety, has moved in a direction that may be, diametrically opposed to all of those qualities that initially drew so many of our generation (1950s and 60s) into the sport as young children. Our sport may in fact be slowly dying.

Spanjaards: Source Loft

by Silvio Mattacchione

A great number of successful pigeon fanciers actually owe their success to the Janssen family of pigeons developed by Gerrit Spanjaards - and don't know it!

Spanjaards: Source Loft "This is a Chinese translation of the Spanjaards"

by Silvio Mattacchione

A great number of successful pigeon fanciers actually owe their success to the Janssen family of pigeons developed by Gerrit Spanjaards - and don't know it!

Successfully Breeding the Racing Pigeon

by Silvio Mattacchione

Warnings on the importance of discerning self-education in the pigeon fancy, and nine rules for consistently breeding high-quality racing pigeons

Pure Strains

by Silvio Mattacchione

A pure strain of racing pigeons did not-and will not-happen naturally. It requires careful, dedicated inbreeding of stock.

The Most Famous Pigeon Fanciers in the World:The Janssen Brothers of Arendonk, Belgium

by Henk Van Limpt-De Prut
(translated by Joop Ekstijn and edited by Silvio Mattacchione)

There is no other loft that has been as important for the development of the modern racing pigeon as the Janssen Brothers loft. 


by Silvio Mattacchione

To say that the pigeon racing sport is steeped in myth, would be to utter an understatement - in fact, an understatement of grand proportions. Though most in the sport pride themselves on their knowledge of science, nothing is further from the truth.

Ray Crawford: Young Man with a Passion

by Silvio Mattacchione

Ray Crawford has in a short period of time shown that the will to learn, the will to work hard, with honesty and fair play, and most important, love of your hobby and your pigeons, can and will lead to success.

Minerals: Essential Ingredients for Good Health

by Silvio Mattacchione

A deficiency of just one mineral may disrupt the entire chain of life, rendering other nutrients either useless or inefficient. A body needs the broadest range of chelated minerals in balance to regain and maintain good health.

The Tough Young Birds Race In Taiwan

by Roger Liu, with introduction by Silvio Mattacchione

In order for you to appreciate the ruthless, demanding nature of pigeon racing in Taiwan, my friend, Mr. Roger Liu, has given me permission to reproduce his article on pigeon racing in Taiwan. I am sure you will find it of great interest.

A Preventative Medication Program That Works

by Silvio Mattacchione

Keeping your pigeons at the peak of health requires a simple, yet important regimen of loft hygiene and preventative medication.

Culling: Looking for Alibis

by Silvio Mattacchione

The severity of your future need to cull is directly proportional to the amount of thought, effort, and research you are prepared to put into your original purchase. If you do your job right when selecting your original stock, you can keep future culling needs to a minimum. Truly exceptional racing pigeon fanciers eliminate senseless, wasteful culling by breeding only their truly exceptional birds!

Eye Sign: Two Required for Maximum Performance

by Silvio Mattacchione

Not a true scientific theory, the eye sign "theory" used by many racing pigeon fanciers to assess the breeding or racing potential of their pigeons has no foundation in science.

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side: OR IS IT?

by Silvio Mattacchione

Your local stock has great value because it is acclimated to your special conditions. When combined with new inbred stock, magic can, and does, happen — but only if you have the courage to see and pursue what so many others will never do! Stop wasting your money, do your research, and purchase good, honest, hard-working birds. Cross these with your local stock and smile as you collect the winnings!

Thomas Mattacchione 1: Long Distance and Super Long Distance Racing Pigeons

by Silvio Mattacchione

When Thomas decided that he wanted his very own racing pigeons we discussed it many times. He really did not want to offend my feelings but he finally said it straight up, "Dad I want my own birds, not your birds. Your birds are yours and I really want birds that will be mine! Birds that I can work with and develop."

Thomas Mattacchione Kemyel Lofts Canada 2: "British Show Racers"

by Silvio Mattacchione

Thomas Mattacchione has been helping me with my birds from the age of two. He liked the birds as well as helping with their care. As Thomas grew, we both had a lot of fun with the birds. At age twelve Thomas asked for his own birds and his own loft and so we arranged to import some of the finest stock available in two separate areas of interest.

A Family of Pigeons: "Kemyel Powder Blue Mania"

by Doug McClary

When I started back in pigeons back in 1963 I could never have imagined that four decades later I would have been here, with the same family of pigeons, and enjoying very much the same things that I enjoyed then.

Limited Edition” Ours is a Quiet Mission

by Silvio Mattacchione

Adverts are placed by professional pigeon breeders in issue after issue of most pigeon journals worldwide proclaiming in dramatic headlines, Super Champion, Fantastic Pigeons, Super Crack, The World’s Greatest, Champion of Champions, The Best Bloodlines Worldwide.

Secret Camp-X Agents Saved by “Cleo” The Racing Pigeon!

by Silvio Mattacchione

Camp-X was a Canadian top-secret training facility built on the beautiful shores of lake Ontario during the early years of the Second World War. Camp-X was established December 6, 1941, on the border of Whitby/Oshawa, the facility was conceived of by Sir Winston Churchill and implemented by his Canadian close confidant William Stephenson, Head of British Security Co-ordination (The Man Called Intrepid), to train the most advanced and skilled secret agents the world had ever known. Their task was to train men in the Darkest and Deadliest of Arts, release them behind enemy lines and facilitate the destruction of Fascism. Credited with having ended the war months before it would have, Camp-X gives Canadians good reason to be proud.


by Silvio Mattacchione

Several years ago I had the very good fortune to chat several times with a fancier from Florida. He was returning to our sport after the absence of 3 decades or so. He was excited and spent a great deal of time doing research on the internet. Imagine, a fancier in Florida locates a fancier in Canada via the medium of a computer screen, a series of numbers, zeros and ones on some chips. It still blows my mind -- "Global Village" indeed!

Bill Braden Champion Turkey Breeder

by Silvio Mattacchione

Two years after shipping the poults I took the time on Monday, April 28, 2003 to visit the Canadian breeder of these exceptional birds. It was a very warm spring day, and I enjoyed the beautiful drive from Port Perry to Alliston , Ontario. I took all of the scenic back roads and loved looking at the farms along the way. As I arrived at Bill’s farm he was just going out to ship some eggs by mail. Bill returned within 15 minutes and we proceeded to have a wonderful visit, lasting some 2.5 hours.

Canadian Rare Turkeys Fly To UK

by Silvio Mattacchione

On January 5, 2000 Janice Houghton-Wallace contacted me by mail and requested my assistance in a very important project. What was this project? Well it was a turkey project! It seems that most purebred turkeys in the UK had been closely bred. I was astounded to find out that, at the time, there were only 200 Bourbon Red turkeys in the UK and most of these originated from the same bloodline. In fact, I believe, from only one parentage.

Parathyroid? / Not Paratyphoid!

by Silvio Mattacchione

Last year I was very distressed to find that one of my hens seemed unable to properly stand on her legs. What could possibly be wrong? I thought. I watched her intently for signs. Any signs, any clues to what was going on. She was bright, in good weight, clean white wattle, no vertigo, no wrenching of her neck, no looking skyward and falling back, no nothing. Yet she was clearly not right.


by Silvio Mattacchione

Several years ago I was approached by a young man from British Columbia, Canada who wanted to purchase some birds from me. At the time I was not really interested in selling any stock to him (I have never really been very keen to sell any of my stock in Canada) and I told him so. Well the emails from this individual persisted and my patience grew thin. He made proposal after proposal all of which I replied negatively to. Then finally one day an email arrived entitled "Braveheart" and it was this persons final proposal. It's about time, I thought!

Made in Canada Pigeon Photography By Andrew Skrobot

by Silvio Mattacchione

Jobs, jobs, jobs...where have they all gone? Where do they continue to go? Free Trade, NAFTA...It seems so long ago that one slick Canadian talker, Mulroney, promised us paradise, and told us that unless we got on board, the economic train, would leave us all behind. So we got on board but it looks to me as if we were sold a one way ticket to parts unknown! A "Brave New World" (well maybe not so brave after all, maybe just a rehash of some old world ambitions)...a "New World Order" (maybe, maybe not?)

Mr. Bond :The Rest Of The Story

by Silvio Mattacchione

This article is long overdue, it concerns a good friend of mine known in many magazines worldwide as "TEACHER." Many fanciers worldwide have read these informative and timely articles without realizing that the author was none other than, Mr. Joop Ekstijn of Grave, Velp in Holland. He wrote for years under the pen name of "Teacher" because in fact he was an educator, administrator, lover of fine music, good wine and great food (I know because I sampled his incredible cuisine for 7 days in 1996) in the Netherlands.


by Silvio Mattacchione

The average person rarely ever thinks about pigeons. Yet pigeon fanciers seem to be able to think about nothing else. It is my intention, to one day write a brief article that will show that  pigeons of some form or other have been involved at the center of many  of the worlds great events. A pigeon brought Noah the news that heralded the end of the great flood.

Ronda Mariani: New York Pigeon Fancier called Guru Of Color

by Silvio Mattacchione

The "pigeon fraternity" is unknown to the vast majority of the people worldwide. We are but a tiny undercurrent in a great ocean of humanity. An entire world, a sub culture populated by both "saints and sinners," "givers and takers, by "workers and drones," " good men and on occasion con men," "liberals and conservatives," "champion and novice," "young and old." Our sport reflects the real world, in all of these proportions. The vast majority of pigeon fanciers are good men. I know many who are doctors, or teachers, engineers, dentists, lawyers, bank presidents, insurance brokers, film directors, movie-stars and even athletes. However most of us are just average people with everyday jobs (let us take heart and never forget that those everyday jobs and those everyday people are what make this great world of ours really tick!)

"Bayo Casablanca": World Record Over The Sea

by Silvio Mattacchione

I believe it would be safe to say, (everyone would be in total agreement) that racing pigeons instinctively do not like to fly over bodies of open water. Pigeons will endure in most cases, hundreds of kilometers of additional flying time to go around a body of water as opposed to taking the risk of going over it. How often have I heard in our combine and others, that so and so got a really good performance because his bird must have flow over a portion of Lake Simcoe thus giving him the advantage and the win by many minutes ahead of the competition. My old friend Karl Winterstien often trained from the narrows (of Lake Simcoe) because the "old fox" believed (and rightly so) that if he could get some of his best birds to fly over a portion of the lake it would give him a distinct advantage, and so it often did.

Weather Warfare: Could It Be Affecting Our Racing Pigeons?

by Silvio Mattacchione

Over the past three decades racing pigeon fanciers world wide have taken note of the fact that we seem to be losing more and more birds. Smashes occur not only in ill weather conditions but on days that one would not normally suspect a problem. Is it the proliferation of mobile telephone signals, sunspot activity causing disturbances in the magnetic fields of the earth, countless other explanations that have been put forward or possibly, some other explanation? Something more sinister, possibly? Weather manipulation perhaps? Weather warfare, you never know!

From Sea to Shining Sea

by Silvio Mattacchione

I have written this article as a matter of public record, recognition of a "lifetime achievement in the racing pigeon fancy." This article appears in the winter of Karl Von Gardony's long life while looking back over 75 years of past competition. It is my acknowledgement of his ability, his perseverance, his intuition, a job well done.

Are Vaccines Good For the Health of Our Racing Pigeons? 

by Silvio Mattacchione

Once you have been in the sport of racing pigeons for a long enough period of time, it will eventually dawn on you that your success depends totally on only one thing, the health of your racing pigeons. Without health, even super health, you can not ever be a successful and consistent winner. Health is more important than pedigree, bloodlines, technique, systems or any other single factor. If you cannot keep your birds healthy, if you cannot keep them free of stress, if you cannot keep their immune systems strong and optimized, you cannot win!

Successfully Starting A Family Of Racing Pigeons On A Small Budget

by Silvio Mattacchione

In the following brief article I will give my readers an actual concrete example of the approach that can be taken if a novice or a pigeon fancier returning to the sport wishes to achieve success. I know that success can be achieved so long as the new or returning pigeon fancier is dedicated to doing his research. I intend to use as my concrete example the case of a Canadian, Don Glionna, a former tippler fancier who chose to return to the hobby at age 64,  (after he had knee replacement surgery in 1999) on a limited budget flying from a small backyard loft in downtown, Oshawa, Ontario.

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