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1993 Toronto Sick Kids Charity Auction held at the Toronto Airport Hilton. Francine Wasserman (representative of the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation), Silvio Mattacchione (organizer), James McLean (organizer), and Jim McGinnis (auctioneer).Charity Events

The Toronto Sick Kids Charity Auction

The racing pigeon fraternity worldwide has a wonderful history of raising much needed funding for charities of all kinds. In 1993, and again in 1994, Silvio Mattacchione and his partner, Jim McLean, put on two special events in Toronto. These events were called The Toronto Sick Kids Charity Auction. Over $17,000 was raised for this wonderful cause in 1993 and 1994. When asked why we did it, Silvio responded to the media, "I am very happy that my children are well and I have never needed their help."

Well, things were to change dramatically when only five years later, in October 1999, Silvio's six-month-old daughter required major open heart surgery at The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto. Thank God that this world-class facility exists!

These charity auctions represent the very best elements in our sport: an attempt by individuals who care to make a real difference.


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