Pigeon family tree (genealogy) of St. Thomas NL-83-8391269 with H-82-132422, Platina AU-91-1322, Deanna NL-84-400753, Peggy NL-86-455445, Super 8 NL-89-2149028, and St. Joan NL-89-2692470.

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Family Tree: "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) Line

These charts show the outstanding offspring of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) when bred with H-82-132422, "Platina" (AU-91-1322),  "Deanna" (NL-84-400753), "Peggy" (NL-86-455445), "Super 8" (NL-89-2149028), and "St. Joan" (NL-89-2692470). These charts read from left to right.


"St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) x H-82-132422

"St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) x H-82-132422


"St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) x "Platina" (AU-91-1322)

Note inbreeding indicated by arrows.

"St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) x "Platina" (AU-91-1322)


"St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) x "Deanna" (NL-84-400753) 

St. Thomas (NL-83-8391269) x Deanna (NL-84-400753)


"St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) x "Peggy" (NL-86-455445)

This chart shows the immediate family of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269), including the inbred offspring of a mating with his full sister, "Peggy" (NL-86-455445).

"St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) x "Peggy" (NL-86-455445)


"Super 8" (NL-89-2149028)

This chart shows how "Super 8" (NL-89-2149028) has been interwoven with the "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) x "Deanna" (NL-84-400753) line using both unrelated crosses and inbreeding.

"Super 8" (NL-89-2149028)


"St. Joan" (NL-89-2692470)

This chart shows how "St. Joan" (NL-89-2692470), the daughter of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) and "Deanna" (NL-84-400753), has been interwoven into the "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) x "Deanna" (NL-84-400753) line through selective inbreeding. Note the arrows indicating "St. Joan" (NL-89-2692470 and "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269).

"St. Joan" (NL-89-2692470)

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