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Silvio Mattacchione Racing Pigeon Consulting Services

Silvio Mattacchione  
Silvio Mattacchione  

I offer a wide range of racing pigeon consulting services and am privileged to consult with owners as far away as Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, The Philippines and the United States. Each consultation is tailored specifically to meet the client's needs, and is conducted in as thorough a manner as possible. In each case, I attempt not only to target solutions to particular problems, but also provide up-to-date, accurate education regarding nutrition, loft design, training, breeding principles and strategies preventative health maintenance programs and much more.


The following are some typical consultation topics:

Communications Expertise: Writing and Press Releases: Over a period of many years my articles have appeared in leading pigeon journals around the world. We have raised many controversial issues that have caused great worldwide discussion. Unsolicited articles that we have written have caused great interest in and success for many fanciers in both North America and Europe. Should you require a detailed article for promotional, educational or Internet news or private website or sales purposes we are prepared to discuss your needs and arrive at an appropriate fee for making you look the very best that you can be.

Television and The Press: We have worked as consultants for two episodes of "Working Animals," a TV series aired on the "Discovery Channel" (a portion of which can be see on our web site at I have been interviewed by Newspapers and journalists from as far off as Iraq, Mexico, Taiwan, the USA and locally in Canada.

Education: My entire professional career has centered around large educational efforts, in the area of books, videos, DVD's, etc. One on one discussions with myself can save you years of grief and heartache. Education is the key in pigeon selection, breeding and racing.

Expert Witness: My expertise in the field of pigeon history, nutrition, care, breeding qualify me as an expert witness in this area.

Book Publishing, Design and Printing: We have designed and marketed 5 different books on the art and science of racing pigeons as well as marketing a further 120 books on poultry, waterfowl, parrots, and small animals. Further we have designed and printed books for other publishers in Canada, the USA, Ireland and Japan in many different fields. We can assist you in your efforts.

Charity Auctions: In 1994 and 1995 I originated the concept of holding high profile charity auctions at 5 star hotels in Toronto Canada. During those two auctions we raised about $20,000.00 for The "Toronto Sick Childrens Hospital Foundation" while garnering national news reports about our sport of racing pigeons across North America, including radio, TV (Local and National) and leading wire services.

Preventative Health Maintenance Program: Regardless of how much you pay for a champion pigeon, if you cannot keep your pigeons at the top of their health cycle, you cannot hope to ever succeed. We have developed programs for highly regarded flyers like Mr. John Solomon of Dothan Alabama, Mr. Paul Ung of the Phillipines, Mr. Glenn Shrader of Florida, and hundreds of others who have used our systems as outlined in our books and on our website.

Pre-purchase Consultations: I am known worldwide and have had occasion to communicate with some of the finest breeders of pigeons in the world today. I can assist you in determining where to look for exceptional pigeons. Which strain is right for (long distance, middle or short distance racers) you and your racing or breeding situation? How do you find a successful and reliable breeder, in Holland, Belgium, Canada, The United States? Purchasing, what preparations should be made before bringing a new bird or a new kit of racing pigeons to your home loft?

Export Procedures: What are the current rules, regulations and documentation required in order to import racing pigeons from Canada. Including differences based upon whether the purchaser intends to personally drive to Canada pick up the racing pigeons and then drive them home or whether the racing pigeons will be sent airfreight to the nearest international airport to the importer. Whom can I use to prepare birds for export from Europe?

Proper Nutrition: This is an area of special interest for me, and I have come to have quite a unique understanding of how nutritional problems develop and how they are best resolved.

Seminars: I was one of the original Founders of the Canadian Parrot Symposium in that was held yearly in Toronto for 14 consecutive years. Over that period of time we brought over 4,000 visitors to Toronto as well as some 200 speakers that were experts in the field of parrot nutrition, psychology, behavior, medicine, education and much more!

Scholarships: I was one of the original Founders of The CPS Scholarship Fund that gives a yearly scholarship to an avian veterinary student at the University of Guelph each year.

You Can Win: It just depends on how badly you want to win and whether or not you are prepared to do what is required.

Squab Production: An exceptional field that is wide open in Canada for development in a serious fashion. I have expertise in design, sourcing, marketing, and distribution. If you are interested in this incredible growth area I have put two full years into the aforementioned areas of comprehensive research.

When speaking with a client for the first time, we determine together how best to proceed. There is no charge for this initial contact. Telephone consultations are charged at the rate of $60.00 per hour. Payment must be made using a Visa or Mastercard. All fees must be paid in full prior to appointment. If interested in a consultation please email me at or call me at 905-985-3555 to arrange a suitable appointment based upon the time that you think you may require. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Ashdon Farms

Background on Silvio Mattacchione, his pigeons, his loft, and inbreeding program.


A group of articles and editorials addressing various aspects of the sport of pigeon racing and the history of Silvio's line of Spanjaards/Janssens pigeons.

Pigeon Books

Buy fantastic pigeon books online! Selections include The Will to Prepare by Robert Kinney, Rotondo on Racing Pigeons by Joseph Rotondo, and The Pigeon Guide by Dr. Jon Esposito and Shannon Hiatt.

Pigeons For Sale

Some of Silvio Mattacchione's own winning stock is for sale.

Pigeon Consulting

Sivio Mattacchione offers a wide range of racing pigeon consulting services and consults with owners as far away as Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, The Philippines and the United States. Each consultation is tailored specifically to meet the client's needs, and is conducted in as thorough a manner as possible.

Charity Events

Good causes supported by Silvio and the racing pigeon and parrot communities.


Clever pigeon pictures constructed of keyboard strokes by artist Jerry Downs.

Pigeon Links

Links to other racing pigeon sites including those of clubs, products, and information resources.

An easy way to navigate a series of pigeon web sites!

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