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Spanjaards: Source Loft

by Silvio Mattacchione

I am writing the following article based on several requests and on the growing interest and almost complete lack of knowledge about the Dutch Janssen specialist, Mr. Gerrit Spanjaards. Who he was and what he did were very little known to the general racing public, however, there were a few people in Canada and the USA who recognized his loft of Janssens as the proverbial mother lode and were very tight lipped about it. My own interest in Mr. Spanjaards began in 1989, and putting together the background on his birds was comparable to putting together a large puzzle one piece at a time.


Honoring Your Source

Gerrit Spanjaards was a consummate master. For thirty-seven years Gerrit Spanjaards was a Janssen specialist, a combine champion, and national winner. Spanjaards was one of those masters whose records attest impressively to his success! Only a handful of fanciers within Canada, the USA, Australia, etc., would ever have heard his name. His name and the quality of his pigeons were well-kept secrets in North America.

How often have you heard journalists around the world say that at all costs their sources must be protected? Most would risk hardship and prison rather than betraying the source. Well, as odd as it may seem, many pigeon fanciers are much the same. When they find that proverbial source loft, they go out of their way to keep it a secret!

What do we as pigeon fanciers mean by the term source? The dictionary defines source as being from the Latin surgere, which means to rise. Source is the place from which a river or stream issues; it is the point of origin or issue. For fanciers, it is best defined as the beginning, the origins, the start, the root, the base, the fountainhead, the foundation.

Across North America, a great number of pigeon fanciers owe their success to the Janssen family of pigeons developed by Mr. Gerrit Spanjaards and they don't know it! They believe that what they have are Berkey Janssens or Koch Janssens or Sylvan Janssens or Jojos Janssens. These are the names that are heavily advertised in the journals, countless wins at club, combine, and federation levels, AU and CU champions, super breeders, numerous foundation sires, and much more.

However, I would suggest to you that nothing is new under the sun, and when last I looked, no fancier anywhere in the world had begun again from first principles and mated Smerle to Horseman, etc., to again originate a new strain of racing pigeon. We-all of us-work with what came before us. We build upon someone else's base. Our genesis is the culmination of some other person's life work. It is therefore imperative that if any of us are to progress in our breeding aspirations (programs), we must relentlessly seek out the truth. We must become a blend of both historian and detective. My good friend Jim McLean puts it like this:  "We must be hound dogs tracking down the truth."

How can we plan for our lofts breeding future if our birds' breeding past is little understood-or possibly totally misunderstood-by us? We must root out the truth at all costs and find out as much as humanly possible about the background of the birds that are of interest to us. Only when this has been done are we building on a sound foundation and can therefore proceed with confidence in the future.

When success is gained with someone's pigeons, you have a moral obligation to give credit to that source of your success. When you sell pigeons to other fanciers from your line, it is important for them to have an understanding and appreciation of the source of these pigeons. Only with this complete information can they make the most of their acquisitions. When you give proper credit, you do not diminish your ability as a breeder and fancier but rather you do honor and justice to both yourself and your source, the foundation on which you have built.

Reconstructing the Historic Puzzle

On Tuesday, July 10, 1985, a small group of North American fanciers departed from Toronto, Canada, for a tour of both Holland and Belgium. The tour had been organized by Ralph Vernon Forbes, the editor of the now defunct Racing Pigeon Fact International Magazine. The tour members were Mr. Randall Berkey of Pennsylvania, Mr. Jim McCabe of Colorado, Mr. John Marles of Ontario, and Mr. Karl Winterstein, also of Ontario, Canada. The group's translator, guide, and nursemaid was Mr. Joop Ekstijn, a fancier of some thirty years. Mr. Ekstijn was the principal of a Dutch school with a great interest in both art and music. While in Holland, the group visited Ponderosa/Greenfield Stud, and the lofts of Martin Van Gestel, Gerrit Spanjaards, Wout Smeulders, Toon Geurts, Jan Koolen, and a few others (total of almost thirty lofts).

Mr. Jim McCabe was later to write in Racing Pigeon Facts (May 1986, Volume 3, Issue 27, Page III):

"One of my most favorite pigeon men in the Netherlands was the irrepressible Gerrit Spanjaards. Here is one of those masters who simply exudes enthusiasm and knowledge. Though he only flies a small team, he is regularly among the very best in his strong combine. Here still we ran across the magic name, Janssens, in spades. and his records. attest impressively to his success with these birds. One thing about his loft, it does not take any genius to select an outstanding candidate for the stock loft out of his widowhood team. If you just walked in with your eyes closed and grabbed the first one you could get your hot little hands on, you couldn't go wrong. His pigeons are that good and that severely selected."

Gerrit Spanjaards was only a small team flier in one of the most powerful combines in Holland. The Mill Combine has over 400 members and Spanjaards was either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Combine Champion more than 90% of the 37 years that he raced. In 1977, he came to international prominence when he won lst National Orleans against 20,000 birds minutes ahead of his nearest competitor, even though he was long end! His general championships are even more remarkable when one realizes that he did not fly Fond races yet the Fond races are a major part of the calculation for General Champion.

In that same article Jim McCabe went on to say:

"The type of pigeon that I had come to know in this country (USA) as the Janssen type was not at all the type I was handling in the lofts we were visiting there. These birds still had the excellent eye, the silky feather and the rippling muscle we all have come to expect from the Janssens, and add to this considerably stronger and more robust constitution."

Mr. Spanjaards purchased his original Janssens direct from the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk, and over a period of 37 years, put his personal mark on his Janssen family. The Spanjaards/Janssens are a small- to medium-sized pigeon severely selected via performance only. The Spanjaards have a wonderful silky type of feather. They are possessed of incredibly strong yet corky bodies, with extreme musculature in both wing and breast. When you handle the birds you are struck with the sense of power in them, yet the muscle is not hard, it is soft and elastic!

R.V. Forbes wrote in Racing Pigeon Facts (1987, Volume 3, Issue 33, Page 291):

"In the original Belgium and Dutch versions of the Janssen book, before the modified, English Edition, birds displayed belonged to Mr. Gerrit Spanjaards."

Mr. Forbes went on to say:

"If we have any intelligence whatsoever, why should we be impressed with the 'international-media-flogging' of a couple of good prizes from a loft which enters approximately two hundred pigeons in one single Barcelona National, especially when the same lofts have only about 15% of their birds place in the top 25% of the results? Why should we lower ourselves to even compare some of these, commercialized floggers with the true champions of the racing pigeon sport. Often the true stars are men with a small team of pigeons.

Fanciers who will often enter half of their total team, perhaps a half-a-dozen pigeons, in a National or Provincial race and have many of their pigeons in the top 10%. Men, as Holland's Gerrit Spanjaards, who are multiple winners of the most prestigious races. "

It is often difficult to define exactly what it was that was so special. The author writing under the pen name, The Advocate, wrote in Racing Pigeon Facts (1987, Volume 3, Issue 33, Page 311):

"As one German star said, they still carry that extra something of the old Janssen bloodlines, that something which produces those marvelous supers.

Pigeons as the mighty "13". who won six first combines in a couple of years for G. Spanjaards, the National Orleans winner."

The Impact of Spanjaards' Birds

If we now return to our friends who toured Holland in 1985, how did they fare? The net result is that all of these North American flyers did extremely well almost immediately.

They all purchased pigeons either during the tour or as a result of the tour.

Randall Berkey

Mr. Randall Berkey quickly realized the quality of pigeon he saw at the loft of Gerrit Spanjaards. He capitalized on this immediately and purchased Mr. Spanjaards' super old line Janssen pair. This pair consisted of the old cock, NL-74-813969, and his hen, NL-73-1404648. This is the super foundation cock that Randall Berkey referred to as his "969". When Randall purchased this pair from Mr. Gerrit Spanjaards, they were already responsible for over forty winners. In Randall Berkey's loft, they were eventually responsible for another forty winners. I have in my possession a list of some ten pages written by Mr. Joop Ekstijn listing the winners from this pair. At the time that Mr. Spanjaards agreed to sell this pair, he and his good friend, Mr. Van Brandenburg, had together 31 youngsters in their lofts from this pair. The foundation cock, "969" (NL-74-813969), was a grandson of the "Oude Merckx" via his sire, "Beig" (NL-69-6758673), who was a direct son of the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk's "Oude Merckx". I attended the AU Convention in December 1995, and though I did not have a chance to visit Mr. Randall Berkey, I was told that the old Spanjaards cock, "969" (NL-74-813969), was still alive and well (though I believe no longer fertile) at the age of 21 years.

Randall Berkey's good fortune did not end with this one pair. He was exceedingly fortunate to purchase another great foundation cock from Mr. Spanjaards, a blue checker cock known as the great "13", actually NL-82-1322713. This pigeon was purchased by Mr. Spanjaards (in the nest) from his friend Wout Smeulders. "13" (NL-82-1322713) is a great-grandson of the "Kannon" (NL-67-766379), who was 23 x lst. The "Kannon" (NL-67-766379) is especially well-known throughout Europe, especially Germany. He was a handsome blue, white-flight, late-bred cock bred by Wout Smeulders, who was not flown as a young bird. Ponderosa has quite a collection of "Kannon" (NL-67-766379) pigeons, as does Mr. Gerhard Schlepphorst of Germany. The "Kannon" (NL-67-766379) was an Olympiad competitor and is sire and grandsire to at least six Olympiad pigeons. The "Kannon" (NL-67-766379) was an exceptional producer and continued to breed in his last years in the loft of Mr. Helmut Joosten of Hassett, Germany. The"Kannon" (NL-67-766379) produced into the summer of 1986 at the age of 19!

The sire of the "Kannon" (NL-67-766379) was "Geschelpte" (B-64-6697683), who was also the sire of the "Olympiade 08" (H-68-2070608), and his dam was "Witpenneken von Klak", a daughter of Klak's legendary stock pair, "Vechter" (H-57-400174) x "Witpenneken" (H-54-796196).

The great "13" (NL-82-1322713) was twice Ace Pigeon in the combine; he won 4 x 1st Combine. His race record at the combine level is as follows:

.  200 km - 1st against 2,400 birds

.  128 km - 7th against 3,748 birds

.  200 km - lst against 3,130 birds

.  128 km - llth against 1,241 birds

.  200 km - 9th against 1,032 birds

.  183 km - 13th against 1,159 birds

.  200 km 2nd against 1,951 birds

.  236 km 1st against 1,504 birds

.  183 km 1st against 898 birds

.  128 km 7th against 1,329 birds

.  128 km 9th against 2,230 birds

Mr. Spanjaards stopped "13" (NL-82-1322713) at two years old for breeding. "13" (NL-82-1322713) has bred six first combine winners with six different hens. Over thirty of his children are breeding top quality youngsters across North America and Europe. Dr. Steve Weir of Oklahoma has a son who has now bred twelve combine winners. John Marles has a son who has bred, amongst others, CU and AU champions. Bob Koch has also excelled with his progeny. However, without a doubt, his greatest son-and the pigeon that Mr. Spanjaards choose to replace "13" (NL-82-1322713) as his foundation cock-was the son of "13" (NL-82-1322713), "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269).

St. Thomas (NL-83-8391269)"St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269), also known as "269", had 23 combine prizes in three years. It was listed in a sales journal by Mr. Berkey that he was 1st against 4,000 birds, but this has yet to be confirmed. From 1991-1993, "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) bred seven winners from 100 to 500 miles. His children and grandchildren are producing combine winners at all distances from 100 to 500 miles. His only living full sister, "Peggy" (NL-86-455445), is dam to Ace Pigeon of the 400-member Mill Combine. She won against 1,100 birds, many of which were widowers.

Mr. Randall Berkey has sold pigeons throughout the USA, Canada, and Taiwan. Many people have done well with his pigeons. He rightly referred to them as Berkey Janssens, but he would have done more justice to himself and honor to his source if he would have given some credit to Mr. Gerrit Spanjaards, the Janssen specialist whom he met in July of 1985, and from whom he purchased two great foundation cocks.

John Marles

Mr. John Marles of Toronto, Canada, also did exceedingly well with the pigeons that he purchased due to this tour. John Marles purchased a half-brother to "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269), whose number was NL-85-11-820189. Mr. Marles named this bird "Sylvan L'Avenir". Many people across Canada, the USA, and India have benefited from this son of Mr. Spanjaards' "13" (NL-82-1322713). A son of "Sylvan L'Avenir" (NL-85-11-820189), "1674", flew well for Mr. Marles, but he later produced a bird, "3108", who won the 600 Far North Open as a yearling plus six prizes. This "3108" is now Mr. Marles' top long-distance stock cock. He is responsible for most of Mr. Marles longer distance wins. In the same year, "1675", another son of "Sylvan L'Avenir" (NL-85-11-820189) won a total of 25 prizes, and more importantly, bred club, fed, and combine winners including CU-91-46102 and 46103. The story gets better as "Sylvan L'Avenir" (NL-85-11-820189) in 1987 bred a hen, "3516", who is one of Bob Koch's best breeders, having produced nine direct winners. This is the hen of Koch's great pair "1228" x "3516". This pair produced along with the 9 x lst, numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren to win 1st, and in 1993, one of their daughters bred Bob Koch's sole entry in the Snowbird Classic to win 13th (25 seconds from lst). This hen, a daughter of Spanjaards' "Sylvan L'Avenir" (NL-85-11 -820189), is one of only three pigeons to impact on Bob Koch's loft in recent years. Bob also did well with "3168" and "3167". Both bred extremely well for Bob Koch when mated to his miracle line.

In 1991, "Sylvan L'Avenir" (NL-85-11 -820189) bred "46139", called "Sylvan Gebroken Poot", a CU Registered Champion and an AU Registered Champion, plus an Award of Excellence winner. "46166" was an excellent racer for John Marles, winning a lst Combine. "46177" did exceedingly well for Bob Routledge, winning a fed race for him and now breeding well. "46178" was sold to India. "1041", John sold to Reno Morales of Salt Lake City, and it has become an excellent breeder, producing many combine winners. In all, many people have benefited directly from the Spanjaards' blood through Mr. John Marles. Included in these are Mr. Tom Brouwer ("2506" and "2507"), Mr. Joe Ferreira, Otto Roth, John Cooper, Reno Morales, Dr. Chalmers, John Boyle, Bob Routledge, Bob Koch, H. Sutter, W. Morrisson, S. Kode, and Bob Capitola, Russ Burns, and Bill Sheridan.

This was not the only pigeon purchased from Mr. Spanjaards by Mr. John Marles who impacted on his loft. John was fortunate to purchase NL-85-820193, called by him "Sylvan Producer". This is a direct son of Mr. Spanjaards' old foundation pair purchased by Mr. Randall Berkey (referred to earlier). "Sylvan Producer" (NL-85-820193) sired club, fed and combine winners, both in Canada and the USA, from Pennsylvania to Utah, from Florida to Toronto. The great "Sylvan Sommers", AU and CU Registered Champion, is a direct daughter of "Sylvan Producer" (NL-85-820193).

The Spanjaards pigeons through John Marles have impacted on many lofts across North America, yet most of these people would never have heard of Mr. Spanjaards or his birds. Mr. Marles rightly referred to his pigeons as the Sylvan Janssens, but he surely would have done more justice to himself and honor to his source if he would have given some credit to Mr. Gerrit Spanjaards, the Janssen specialist whom he met in July of 1985, and from whom he purchased two great foundation cocks.

Karl Winterstein

The third member of the July 1985 tour to Holland was Mr. Karl Winterstein of Claremont, Ontario. Karl is now 75 years old and is a perennial threat at the combine level. Karl was, as a result of this trip, able to purchase a direct daughter of "13" (NL-82-1322713), called "03". "03" immediately impacted on Karl's loft and his performances, and together with "10" from Toon Geurts, runs through his colony today. Karl did exceedingly well with a son of "Spanjaards" (NL-84-1092058) from Spanjaards' "8585". This bird also bred winners for Cliff Jones of Toronto. One of Karl's best racing hens ever came from "St. Mathew" (NL-89-2692463) (blue cock) a son of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269). He is the sire of "Victoria" (CU-90-STO-0577). "Victoria" (CU-90-STO-0577) was 2 x lst Combine, 2 x Equal lst Combine, plus numerous other prizes. In 1990, she was 3rd Combine Total Points Champion, and in 1991, she was lst Combine Total Points Champion.

In 1993, I loaned Karl six pairs of yearlings, all grandchildren of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269). He bred twelve youngsters and proceeded to win. 3 x lst Combine. He won two lst Combines from children of "Vermouth" (CU-92-21630), a great-grandson of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269), and one from his father, "St. Luke" (CU-91-36754), who was a grandson of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269). Virtually the entire combine results for Karl's 1993 young bird season were produced by these six pairs of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) grandchildren.

Currently, Karl's top breeder is a blue bar cock, "Sage" (CU-93-00338), a grandson of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269), whom I bred and gave to Karl as a gift in 1993. He produced two combine winners for Karl. I believe that Karl's tour of Europe in 1985 was a turning point for him and has made him a powerful competitor ever since at the combine level.

Jim McCabe

The final member of that 1985 tour was Mr. Jim McCabe. Mr. McCabe was also able to purchase birds as a result of this tour to Holland. Mr. McCabe also purchased birds from Mr. Spanjaards, however, I have no details of same. In my few very brief conversations with Mr. McCabe, I was advised that it was his experience that the Spanjaards he purchased did not perform well straight, but when crossed with his own birds (Bricoux/Janssen) they did very well. Two Spanjaards cocks are still well-represented in his own line. In my reading of all available literature, only Mr. McCabe in all of his writings gave full and unreserved credit to Mr. Spanjaards as a breeder and handler. Mr. McCabe felt Mr. Spanjaards was the consummate master.

The End of an Era

In the last few years of his life while terminally ill with cancer, Mr. Spanjaards achieved the following results:

.  1988 - Overall General Champion to 520 kilometers, Average Speed 1st, Pickbird 1st, Overall General Champion all races, including Fond (to which Spanjaards did not ship his birds)

.  1989 - General Champion to 520 kilometers, Average Speed 2nd, Pickbird 2nd

.  1990 - Spanjaards only raced in the Vitesse races - Average Speed 2nd, Pickbird 2nd, Acebird 4th with NL-88-1357931 and 7th with NL-89-8717929

Gerrit Spanjaards with group at awards ceremony

On December 6th, 1990, Gerrit Spanjaards died of terminal cancer, and so the culmination of 37 years of Janssen history was coming to a close.

A New Beginning

St. Thomas (NL-83-8391269)In 1990, the entire Spanjaards loft-old birds, race team youngsters totaling 64 birds, plus ten Klaks, was imported to Canada. The Klaks and some of the Spanjaards were sold in two separate sales in New Jersey and in California along with quite a number of Smeulder's pigeons. The bulk of the Spanjaards pigeons were eventually retained by Silvio Mattacchione. These included, but were not limited to, the foundation cock "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) and his original mate, "Deanna" (NL-84-400753) (blue hen), granddaughter of the 1975 lst National Orleans winner against 14,000+ birds. This pair was purchased from Mr. Randall Berkey in 1992. Others included "St. Thomas'" (NL-83-8391269) daughter, NL-85-567883 (blue hen), winner of 37 combine prizes in four years; "The Fighter" (NL-87-8717935) (blue cock), a direct son of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) and winner of 25 combine prizes including a lst Combine against 1200 birds; "Zeus" (NL-86-455451) (blue cock), another super son of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) and the winner of 41 combine prizes including 4 x 1st; "St. Mathew" (NL-89-2692463), another son of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) and the sire of "Victoria" (CU-90-STO-0577) who was 2 x 1st Combine, 2 x Equal 1st Combine, 3rd Total Points Combine Champion in 1990, and 1st Total Points Combine Champion in 1991; "St. Stephanie" (NL-89-2692462) (blue hen) daughter of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269), breeder of lst Combine for me in 1994 when mated to "Star Storm" (NL-87-1588585); "Mustang" (NL-87-1587928) (blue cock), another son of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) and winner of 21 combine prizes who was later sold to Taiwan; "St. John" (NL-86-455477) (blue cock), another son of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269), bred for stock by Mr. Spanjaards and "St. Joan" (NL-89-2692470) (blue pied hen). All of these birds are in our lofts today along with approximately thirty other direct children of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) from several inbred father x daughter matings.

Spanjaards (NL-84-1092058)The last of the original Spanjaards foundation cocks was purchased in May of 1995. This bird, called "Spanjaards" (NL-84-1092058), also known as "058", was a direct son of "969" (NL-74-813969). "Spanjaards" (NL-84-1092058) bred three ace pigeons and was the brother to Mr. Spanjaards' 1977 National Orleans winner. One of the ace pigeons that "Spanjaards" (NL-84-1092058) sired was "St. Peter" (NL-85-567887). He was lst Ace Pigeon Combine Middle Distance including 41 prizes and a 1st Combine. He was nicknamed "The Pumper" by Bob Kinney the editor of the Thoroughbred Magazine in the USA Bob wrote the following in his magazine:

"Who is the Pumper?" Maybe the finest cock I have ever seen for breeding potential. I coveted him at once. I started negotiations to use him for two years."

I sent IF-93-FVF115, a hen out of "St. Peter" (NL-85-567887) and NL-85-567883, a daughter of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269), to father and son loft in New York. She was 1st Section, 2nd Combine 400 miles flying 1,775.31 yards per min. against 1,330 birds and 106 lofts in the Long Island Combine in May of 1994.

Limited Edition (CU-92-1689)Mr. Ray Crawford of Toronto purchased a son of "Spanjaards" (NL-84-1092058), "Limited Edition" (CU-92-1689), a blue checker. In 1995, this "1689" bred five 1st place winners in two different clubs. Fred Weanning won with a half-brother to this bird.

The auctioneer Mr. Charlie Barbierie has grandchildren of my "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) out of his two sons, "The Fighter" (NL-87-8717935) and "Zeus" (NL-86-455451). Both children out of "Zeus" (NL-86-455451) were winners for him at the club level. He says that they are the best pigeons he has!

Mr. Joop Ekstijn of Holland has a grandson of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269) out of his son, "Mustang" (NL-87-1587928). Joop says that this is currently his best widowhood cock!

Mr. Bob Duhra has a son out of my "681", who is a grandson of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269). This great-grandson of "St. Thomas" (NL-83-8391269), "2009", sired a 200 mile winner; I believe his number is "22349". This same pigeon clocked 3rd from 300 miles. Out of "The Fighter" (NL-87-8717935), Bob has a son, "1624", who bred "l083", who placed 2nd in the Calgary 300 mile Olympic race and won almost $2,000 in prize money.

I could go on and on mentioning people who have done well with Spanjaards pigeons, including Mr. Dave Ottaway, Mr. John Kokeman, Mr. Nello Sirica, Mr. Mike Bator, Mr. D. Dyler, Mr. Bob Kinney, Mr. Charlie Aiosa, Mr. John Solomon, and Mr. Russ Burns. What all of these people have in common is that not until very recently have they become aware of the name Spanjaards.

Gerrit Spanjaards outside his loftMr. Spanjaards truly deserves the accolade that he has never been given. Mr. Spanjaards, yours was truly a source loft in the truest sense of the word. It is unfortunate your name was not made better known while you were still alive. I am proud to give this brief history of what Mr. Spanjaards and his birds have done and continue to do. Many of you who have his birds will no doubt be delighted to have a little background information.

If individual birds were great paintings then one could consider Mr. Gerrit Spanjaards in the same spirit as that other great Dutch master, Vincent Van Gogh. Both created wonderful images, reflections of their own inner souls. So it is in this spirit that I now pick up Spanjaards' brush and continue his work. I will add my own strokes, remembering that the brush and paints were his.

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